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Our Grants Process


The Nebraska Environmental Trust accepts grant applications annually, on or before the first Tuesday after Labor Day in September. Before submitting a proposal, applicants are encouraged to contact the Trust and discuss their concept with staff for assistance in meeting application requirements. See calendar for grants deadline.

Following the application deadline, proposals are reviewed to be sure all required materials have been included. A summary of the applications is posted on the Web site to encourage public comment on proposals during the review cycle.

Applications may be distributed for technical review by members of a team of more than 100 volunteer professionals, to assure design feasibility, cost effectiveness, and sound environmental principals are in place.

Six members of the Trust Board serve on the Grants Committee. The Committee reviews each proposal, first evaluating eligibility and then rating each eligible application. Click here to view the rating scales in a new window. Because requests for funding are usually three to four times the amount available for award, the process extends over several meetings.

Applications are then listed in rank order, according to the rated score and funding recommendations based on this list are presented to the board. The list is published and a public hearing is scheduled, after which the board votes to issue awards.

Grantees enter into contracts specifying the conditions, timeline and expenses that will be covered under the grant. Most grants are awarded as reimbursement for expenses as the project is implemented. A grant can be funded in up to three year increments.