About Us


Mission Statement

The Nebraska Environmental Trust is established to conserve, enhance and restore the natural environments of Nebraska. A prosperous future requires a sound natural environment. We must act dynamically, progressively and systematically to ensure bountiful and thriving natural resources.

The Trust is to complement existing activities, stimulate private investment and emphasize long term gain. The Trust is to lead in the development of a vision of Nebraska's future environment. The Trust is to collaborate with public and private efforts to achieve that vision.


Our Finances

The Nebraska Environmental Trust’s grants are funded through the proceeds of the Nebraska Lottery. Around 44% of the money remaining after the payment of prizes, operating expenses, and the initial transfer to the Compulsive Gamblers Assistance Fund is transferred to the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund to be used as provided in the Nebraska Environmental Trust Act.

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Nebraska Environmental Trust Board


District 1

Jim Hellbusch–Term expires March 2027
Jeff Kanger–Term expires March 2025
Vacancy–Term expired March 2023

District 2

Felix B. Davidson–Term expires March 2025
Vacancy –Term expired March 2023
Mark Quandahl– Term expires March 2027

District 3

Josh Andersen–Term expires March 2025
Vacancy –Term expired March 2023
Rod Christen–Term expires March 2027

Agency Directors

Charity Menefee, Division of Public Health, NE Dept. of Health and Human Services
Jim Macy, Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy
Tim McCoy, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
Tom Riley, Nebraska Department of Natural Resources
Sherry Vinton, Nebraska Department of Agriculture


Board Committee Assignments PDF


Nebraska Environmental Trust Staff

Karl Elmshaeuser– Executive Director
Holly Adams - Grants Administrator
Madison Moe - Grants Assistant
Sandra Weaver – Administrative Specialist