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Our Mission

The Nebraska Environmental Trust was established in 1992 to conserve, enhance and restore the natural environments of Nebraska. It was created on the conviction that a prosperous future is dependent upon a sound natural environment and that Nebraskans could collectively achieve real progress on real environmental issues if seed money were provided.

The Trust especially seeks projects that bring public and private partners together collaboratively to implement high-quality, cost-effective projects. The Trust values projects that leverage private investment in conservation and emphasize long-lasting results. Spending on approved projects is not to be a replacement for tax-funded projects or mandates and operations of government; it is used solely to carry out innovative ideas making Nebraska’s good life even better. Applicants for Nebraska Environmental Trust grants must meet tightly drawn criteria for eligibility to assure public benefit and substantial environmental gains.

For All of Nebraska

The Nebraska Environmental Trust is truly an asset for all Nebraska, now and far into the future. Many excellent projects would never move from the drawing board to the landscape without the financing a grant can provide. Government can do much to preserve the precious resources nature has given us. Now, so can individuals, businesses and public-spirited organizations working together with the strength and support of the Nebraska Environmental Trust.

Mission Statement

The Nebraska Environmental Trust is established to conserve, enhance and restore the natural environments of Nebraska. A prosperous future requires a sound natural environment. We must act dynamically, progressively and systematically to ensure bountiful and thriving natural resources.

The Trust is to complement existing activities, stimulate private investment and emphasize long term gain. The Trust is to lead in the development of a vision of Nebraska's future environment. The Trust is to collaborate with public and private efforts to achieve that vision.