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April 2010

In This Issue

  1. Executive Director Corner
  2. 2010 Grant Awards Announced at April Board Meeting
  3. Grantee Seminar Conclude in Lincoln, Grand Island and Scottsbluff
  4. Soft Launch of the All New Trust Website
  5. Upcoming Events

Executive Director Corner

April has been a very busy month.  It began with our board meeting on April 1st, including a small fire (not an April fool’s joke, see photo below).  We had about 45 people attend the board meeting, most of them to express their thoughts on conservation easements and acquisitions.  During the meeting we had a small fire start from a carelessly discarded cigarette in our landscaping behind the Ferguson House.  With a new thick layer of wood mulch just recently applied, the fire kicked up rapidly and burned up two of our three air conditioner units and damaged a third unit.  Fortunately a few audience members had fire experience and used a couple of fire extinguishers and buckets of water to knock the flames down before the Lincoln Fire Department arrived.  This same day, the City and County 911 service was down and someone waved down a passing police cruiser and got them to notify the fire department that there was a fire.


Across the street at the Capitol, people looking over at the Ferguson House thought the house was on fire as the smoke was coming around both sides and over the top of the house.  Fortunately, other than some smoke smell in the house and a few small areas on the brick stained by smoke, the house itself sustained no additional damage.  After a 45 minute recess, the board was able to reconvene and finish the board meeting.

The board approved the preliminary draft of grants presented at the February board meeting with a small modification to one acquisition grant.  The board did ask that the Land Ad-Hoc Committee meet and bring suggestions to the next board meeting in July.

Before all of the excitement in the afternoon of April 1st we had a very success luncheon at the University of Nebraska, East Campus honoring our technical reviewers.  We very much appreciate our technical reviewers that volunteer their time and expertise to review all of our grant applications.  Vice Chancellor John Owens and Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler both gave comments during the luncheon.

Every year after grants are awarded, Trust staff hit the road and hold a couple Grantee Seminars across the state to familiarize grant recipients with the requirements of the Trust and ways to publicize their grants.  We held seminars in Lincoln on April 6, Grand Island on April 7 and Scottsbluff on April 8.  It is always enjoyable to meet the grant recipients and discuss their grants.    

Spring has arrived and things are greening up and blooming around us.  The Trust will be participating at upcoming events around the state, including Earth Day in Omaha on April 17th and Lincoln on April 24th.

Think Green!

Mark A. Brohman
Executive Director

2010 Grant Awards Announced at April Board Meeting

The board of the Nebraska Environmental Trust announced on April 1, 2010 that 88 projects will receive $14,970,328 in lottery proceeds for natural resource work in Nebraska. This is the 17th year of grants from the Trust, which has provided over $157 million dollars in lottery revenue to preserve and protect the air, water and land of our state. Some of the projects receiving funding include:

  • Republican River Riparian Improvement Project by Southwest Nebraska Weed Management Area
  • Oak Park Outdoor Classroom by City of Ralston
  • Grasslands at Chimney Rock: Land Acquisition and Management Planning by Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation

Using the revenue from the Nebraska Lottery, the Trust has provided grants to 1,231 projects across the state. A complete listing of all approved 2010 grants can be found on the Nebraska Environmental Trust web site at: www.environmentaltrust.org.


Grantee Seminars Conclude in Lincoln, Grand Island and Scottsbluff

The Trust held grantee seminars in Lincoln, Grand Island and Scottsbluff after the awarding of the 2010 grants by the Board on April 1. Trust staff were given the opportunity to interact with grantees across the state and help them get familiarized with the Trust's grant process and procedures as well as publicity requirements. Around 90 grantees attended the three seminars with the largest group being in Lincoln.

lincoln seminar

Grantees at the Lincoln Seminar

Soft Launch of the All New Trust Website

Recent visitors to the Trust website may have been pleasantly surprised by a significant change to the Trust website. The Trust had a soft launch of its new website at the recent grantee seminars.

The website went live three weeks ago and brings with it an entire redesign in concept, improved and enhanced security features and a fresh new appeal to keep up with current design standards. The new website features revolving images of Nebraska as well as grantee project photos. The website also features a "search" mechanism to help grantees navigate within the website more effectively. The website is expected to feature more grantee projects and photos in weeks to come. Grantees interested in publicizing their project on the Trust website may e-mail: Sheila Johnson, Public Information Officer.


Upcoming Events    

  • April 17, 2010 - Earth Day Omaha, Elmwood Park, Omaha
  • April 24, 2010 - Earth Day Lincoln - Antelope Park, Lincoln
  • May 11, 2010 - Nebraska Children's Groundwater Festival, Central Community College and College Park, Grand Island
  • May 15, 2010 - Nebraska Outdoor Expo, Fort Kearny State Recreation Area
  • June 12, 2010 - 3rd Biennial Waterfest at Holmes Lake

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