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June 2012

In This Issue:

  1. Executive Director's Corner
  2. Invitation to the Trust's 20th Anniversary Mini Exhibition and Open House - Celebrating 20 Years of Preservation
  3. Nebraska Master Naturalist
  4. Habitat for Humanity Omaha - Habitat ReStore

  5. Upcoming Events
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Executive Director Corner

We are ramping up the celebration of our 20th anniversary of the Trust.  Many people have commented to me that they don’t know what they would do without the Trust.  The Trust provides funds that organizations can use as State match so they can pursue Federal grants that require local match. 

We will have a display at the State Capitol rotunda July 9-13.  We will highlight some of the grants we have given over the past 20 years and some of our wonderful partners we work with.  On July 9th we will have a celebration at the Ferguson House and we invite everyone to stop by and enjoy refreshments and cookie or two.

Our third quarter board meeting will be held at Fort Robinson State Park near Crawford on July 19th and 20th.  The board will get an opportunity to see some of the projects we have funded in the northwest part of the State. 

Get out and enjoy Nebraska this summer.

Mark A. Brohman
Executive Director


Invitation to the Trust's 20th Anniversary Mini Exhibition and Open House - Celebrating 20 Years of Preservation

The Trust will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary this July and in commemoration of the celebrations we will be holding a week long Mini Exhibition at State Capitol Rotunda, from July 9th-13th. We are proud to celebrate this event in recognition of all the great initiatives that have been displayed through our grantee projects. In the last two decades 178 million dollars have been put to the ground and more 1,300 projects have been funded.

All partners, exhibitors, grantee organizations and Trust contacts are invited to attend our Open House Reception on July 9, 2012 (Monday) from 3:00pm to 6:00pm at Ferguson House, 700 South 16th St, Lincoln NE. Refreshments, hors d'oeuvres and cookies will be provided.


Nebraska Master Naturalist

Master Naturalist

Photo courtesy of Adrian Olivera, Certified Master Naturalist


Apply NOW for the Nebraska Master Naturalist Certification Training happening statewide this summer. Registration is $250 per person. If you are interested in getting involved, call (402) 472-8689 or visit our website at http://naturalist.unl.edu for more information.

Since 2010 more than 100 Certified Nebraska Master Naturalists have become part of an essential volunteer network dedicated to conserving Nebraska’s natural resources. Master Naturalists have impacted 50,000 Nebraskans, supported over 100 natural resource programs, and provided hours of volunteer service equating to $90,000 in conservation value to Nebraska

Master Naturalist volunteers are leaders in their communities, teachers, students, parents, retirees, and conservation professionals. Our partnership of 34 natural resource agencies and organizations trains and rewards adults volunteering in natural resource conservation, environmental education, habitat management, citizen science, and outdoor recreation in Nebraska. This expert led volunteer training consists of more than sixty hours of hands-on outdoor experiences in ecology and biology focused on Nebraska’s ecosystems, plants, animals, and more!

Become a Certified Nebraska Master Naturalist TODAY! Connect to a dedicated volunteer network, educational tools and resources, training and volunteer opportunities, and continuing education to fulfill the eight hour continuing education and 20 hour annual service requirement. Receive access to online tools such as the Nebraska Nature Network at http://nebraskanaturenetwork.org to stay up to date on all that Nebraska has to offer. You can even specialize in the areas that you love most!

EXPLORE Nebraska alongside scientists and natural resource professionals!
CONTRIBUTE your time and expertise through exciting volunteer opportunities!
CONNECT with others who share your passion for the outdoors!

Facebook http://facebook.com/masternaturalist


Habitat for Humanity Omaha - Habitat ReStore - submitted by Dave Klitz


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha opened the Habitat ReStore, a retail store offering recycled and new, used and surplus building materials, in November of 2000. The rotating inventory includes appliances, hardware, electrical fixtures, flooring, wall coverings, plumbing fixtures, lumber and other home improvement supplies that might otherwise enter the waste stream. The donations typically given by big box chains, local retailers, manufacturers, property managers, professional builders and remodelers are sold at substantial discounts to the general public. The net proceeds provide unrestricted funds for future Habitat for Humanity projects. Over the past twelve years, annual retail sales of the Omaha Habitat ReStore have grown exponentially netting over one million dollars for the organization.

The grant that was awarded by the Nebraska Environmental Trust allowed the Habitat ReStore to purchase much needed equipment furthering the mission of diverting materials from the landfill as well as providing additional support for the organization to eradicate poverty housing in Omaha. The Habitat ReStore has been able to replace several  old and decrepit equipment with newer and safer pieces. New carts, two wheelers, safety equipment and appliance movers will help to further the ReStore’s ability to give good usable materials a second life. In 2011 the ReStore was able to divert over 1600 tons of material from the landfills and with the upcoming improvements the 2012 total will exceed 1700 tons.


Upcoming Events

-July 9, 2012 (Monday) - NET Open House Reception,3:00pm-6:00pm

- July 9-13, 2012 - Celebrating 20 Years of Preservation with the Nebraska Environmental Trust, Rotunda, State Capitol, Lincoln

- July 19-20, 2012 (Thursday/Friday) - Nebraska Environmental Trust 3rd Quarter Board Meeting, Ft. Robinson State Park.

- September 4, 2012 (Tuesday) - General and Recognition Grant Application Deadline

- November 8, 2012 (Tuesday) - Nebraska Environmental Trust 4th Quarter Board Meeting, Ferguson House, Lincoln.


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