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November 2014

In This Issue:

  1. Executive Director Corner
  2. St. Augustine Outdoor Classroom
  3. Historic Ferguson House Opens for Holiday Tours
  4. Lori Moore - Celebrating 25 years with the State of Nebraska
  5. Dempsters LLC - Celebrating "135 Plus" Years of Manufacturing Quality Equipment in Nebraska
  6. Upcoming Events


Executive Director Corner

Thanksgiving is almost here and Christmas is just around the corner.  I see a few combines still out in the fields, but the majority of the farmers beat the current dusting of snow and cold weather we received.  I heard Buffalo, New York was plummeted with six feet of snow, so I won’t complain next time we get a forecast for six inches.

Husker fans were once again let down by their Big Red football team.  It kind of reminds me of the days when we played Oklahoma around Thanksgiving every year.  I won’t lie; I would feel sick to my stomach after some of those games for days.  It was my middle school and high school years and Barry Switzer had our number.  Nov. 23, 1973, OU 27, NU 0 (also lost to Missouri 13-12).  Nov. 23, 1974, OU 28, NU 14 (also lost to Missouri 21-10 and lost to Wisconsin 21-20).  Nov. 22, 1975, OU 35-10 (but we beat Missouri 30-7).  Nov. 26, 1976, OU 20, NU 17 (also lost to Missouri 34-24).  Nov. 25, 1977, OU 38, NU 7 (beat Missouri 21-10).  Finally we beat OU on Nov. 11, 1978, but turned around and lost to them 31-24 in the Orange Bowl on Jan. 1, 1979.  Nov. 24, 1979, OU 17, NU 14.  Nov. 22, 1980, OU 21, NU 17.  One thing about those losses, we were always competitive.  I hate to say it, there is always next year and remember in a stretch back in 1942-1961 the Huskers went 91-130-6, followed by Bob Devaney 1962-1972 101-20-2, then Tom Osborne 1973-1997 255-49-3.         

The Grants Committee is hard at work reviewing the 122 new grants we received.  A big thank you goes out to our technical reviewers who give us technical reviews of each application.  Most applications get two or three technical reviews by a professional who has expertise in that field.  They determine if the project can be designed, constructed, operated or carried out to accomplish the purposes for which it is planned.  They also see if it will result in environmental gains and to comment on strengths and weaknesses.  The Trust board relies heavily on these reviews.

If you have an opportunity, we’d love to have you stop by our annual Holiday Open House on Sunday, December 7th from 1:00-5:00pm.  We will have some tasty treats, drinks and tours of the house.  

Don’t eat too much over Thanksgiving.

Mark A. Brohman
Executive Director


St. Augustine Outdoor Classroom

In December of 2011, St. Augustine Indian Mission Director Fr. Dave Korth and St. Augustine principal Don Blackbird were treated to a tour of the Sheridan Elementary School, Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom in Lincoln, NE.

The purpose of the tour was to explore a way to address what Korth and Blackbird saw as a need for their students. The Native American students they taught were losing touch with the natural world around them as more and more electronic devices began to creep into their everyday lives.

The children were beginning to spend more time staring at cellphone, computer, and TV screens than at the beauty that surrounded them. They were also losing the ability to identify native plants and their traditional uses.

The Nature Explore Classroom at Sheridan Elementary provided an idea for a possible solution. An outdoor classroom at St. Augustine Indian Mission School would provide the opportunity to bring the outdoors to the students in a structured educational environment. The classroom would provide an opportunity to get the children back to nature and traditional Native American values associated with the natural world.


St. Augustine decided to move forward with the Nature Explore model of outdoor classrooms because of the research that had been done on the Nature Explore approach to outdoor education. In order to be recognized as a Nature Explore Classroom, St. Augustine’s would need to meet the guidelines recognized as necessary to achieve educational growth. Some of these guidelines included the design layout of the classroom to include areas for science and art exploration as well as opportunities to be a kid, work with dirt, water, and other messy materials.

St. Augustine’s capitalized on the wooded space located on their campus to create the first ever Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom located on an American Indian Reservation. The initial phase of the classroom was completed with countless hours of volunteer labor and a $15,000 grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust.



Historic Ferguson House Opens for Holiday Tours

The Nebraska Environmental Trust will host a holiday open house at the historic Ferguson House (office of the Nebraska Environmental Trust) on Sunday, December 7th. The public is invited to visit and tour the 102 year-old Renaissance Revival home from 1 to 5 p.m. Also open on December 7th is the neighboring Kennard house. There is no charge to experience these historic treasures decorated for the holiday season.


The Ferguson House is located at 700 S 16th Street in downtown Lincoln. For more information, call 402-471-5409 or send e-mail to env.trust@nebraska.gov

Considered to be one of the finest examples of Second Renaissance Revival architecture in the area, the Ferguson House was built from 1909 to 1911 by William Henry and Myrtle Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson helped introduce winter wheat and alfalfa to Nebraska and was co-owner of Yankee Hill Brick and Capital Beach Amusement Park, President of Beatrice Foods and owner of Woodlawn Dairy. The State of Nebraska acquired the property from the Ferguson family in 1961 and the property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The house is a well-known landmark in Lincoln located across from the Nebraska State Capitol. The staff of the Nebraska Environmental Trust currently occupies the second floor of the Ferguson House. The first floor living and dining rooms are available to rent for meetings and events.


Lori Moore - Celebrating 25 years with the State of Nebraska

Ms. Moore was recognized for 25 years of service with the State of Nebraska at the Annual Years of Recognition ceremony at the State Capitol Building on October 21, 2014, where she received her award from the Lt. Governor, John Nelson.  Ms. Moore began her state employment with the Nebraska Civil Defense Agency which is now known as the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency on March 1, 1989.  Ms. Moore worked as the Hazard Mitigation Officer before joining the Nebraska Environmental Trust June 2008 as the Administrative Secretary for the Trust.


Lori Moore with the Lt. Governor, John Nelson. 


Dempsters LLC - Celebrating "135 Plus" Years of Manufacturing Quality Equipment in Nebraska



This past year has been good to Dempsters LLC and they are proud to be back up and running their production line right here in the State of Nebraska. Dempsters LLC would like to thank their customers for allowing them to be of service to them. They are pleased to announce that their bins (#1 in America) and tops for their Alleycat recycling trailers are now being manufactured here too. Dempsters is very proud to be bringing jobs back to Nebraska.

They have just completed their fall production run of their recycling and Alleycat trailer lines. They have a few remaining recycling trailers in stock. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and as a token of their appreciation, they are offering a special discount (up to $500 off) on orders placed before Friday, November 28th, 2014. For more information, call (402) 806-4800 to take advantage of this special offer, while supplies last.

Many Trust grantees have benefitted from the purchase of Dempsters trailers in the past and been successful in achieving their goals.

Upcoming Events

- December 7, 2014 (Sunday) - Christmas Open House at Ferguson House (1:00 - 5:00pm)

- February 12, 2015 (Thursday), 1:30pm - 1st Quarter Board Meeting, Ferguson House, Lncoln NE.

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