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Grant Publicity

The following is a guide to publicizing your Nebraska Environmental Trust grant. As stipulated in the contract, grantees are required to prominently display the Trust logo and text acknowledging the grant at project sites, on major pieces of equipment and in publications referencing a project (e.g., magazines, newspapers etc…) or funded by the project (e.g., newsletters, brochures, web pages etc…). Compliance with this requirement varies from project to project and may be negotiated with the Executive Director of the Trust on a case-by-case basis.


The purpose of publicity requirements is a service to the citizens of Nebraska, who have the right to know how these funds are applied. For the benefit of future grantees, awareness of and support for grant projects is important in our continuing ability to make grants—as important as the successful execution of the project itself. We are largely reliant on grantees to make the benefits of these grants real and meaningful to Nebraskans. As a general guideline, recognition of a grant should be commensurate with the amount of the award and the life of the project. For example, a project of a temporary nature could fulfill the requirements by recognizing the Trust in media coverage and signage on the project site for the duration of work. Projects with lifetime benefits should utilize permanent solutions that recognize their Nebraska Environmental Trust grant in addition to media relations efforts.

More information about publicity requirements can be found in the Publicizing your Trust Grant document.

For those interested in an electronic copy of the Public Information Plan, you may download the Word or PDF document from the links below:

Public Information Plan (Word)

Public Information Plan (PDF)

2019 Grantee Seminar Publicity Planning Presentation

You may direct questions to Sheila Johnson at 402-471-1714.


Publicizing your Trust Grant

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Logo usage guidelines are contained in the Nebraska Environmental Trust Style Manual.

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