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Official Nebraska Government Website

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Legislation and Regulations


The Nebraska Environmental Trust was established by state law in 1992. To understand the scope and intent of the Trust, we provide two methods to view the state statues on the official Web site of Nebraska's laws. Our instructions provide the most direct way to find the desired information, but you may find other methods work better for you.

Method 1

Go to the official web site of Nebraska's laws at While it is not critical we suggest that you click on "Statutes" and then on "Chapter 81" before using the search engine. This will restrict the search to that chapter since the Trust is mentioned in a number of other chapters. Enter "Environmental Trust" in the search box and begin the search. This results in a table wherein you can identify your specific needs and obtain only the appropriate section.

Method 2

View Chapter 81 in it's entirety, which contains the laws governing the formation and operation of the Trust. This is a lengthy chapter and will take a minute or more to download on a dial-up connection. Sections 81-15,167 to 81-15,176 are specific to the Trust. Use the "Find on this page" feature in your browser to locate this section.


ByLaws Of The Nebraska Environmental Trust Board






The Nebraska Environmental Trust is also governed by a set of rules and regulations from the Trust Board. These regulations are established to ensure compliance with state statutes, and are known as Title 137 of the Administrative Procedures Act. You can view this document in PDF format below.

View Title 137, Rules and Regulations
Governing the Nebraska Environmental Trust